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All District Chorus (Click for Practice Files!)



The All-District Choir is an opportunity for singers from District 11 to rehearse challenging music and work with a renowned choral conductor at an advanced level.  Each year the All District Chorus performances are powerful and memorable.  There are two All District Choirs – a women’s choir and a mixed choir. Participation in each choir is based on a lottery system. To audition for this choir, you are to prepare a piece of music and sight read. This years selection is “Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind”. Please see the link above for the sheet music for your part and the  practice file.

Auditions for District Choir are held at Centreville High School on November 10th at either 8:30-9:30 AM – A Block or 12:00-1:00 PM – B Block. Audition blocks have already been assigned. Students are taken in first-come-first-serve order. If you want to audition early you must arrive early. You cannot audition if you miss your block window.

Arrive early – A block: 8:00 AM – B block – 11:30 AM

Students who make it into the All District Chorus are then eligible to audition for the All-VA Chorus – Thursday, February 14th at Fairfax High School

All-District Choir will be held at Fairfax High School February 14th – 16th, ending with their public concert Saturday afternoon, February 16th.

District Choir Performance Dress

  • Students must wear their Spartan Choir concert attire uniform.

VMEA Honors Choir

All 12th grade students enrolled in their school choral program(s) are eligible to audition with the recommendation of their school choral director.  Female tenors or basses and male altos and sopranos are not eligible to audition.  No senior selected for the Honor’s Choir in a previous year will be granted a second opportunity should he or she repeat their senior level in school.

Students may only audition one time, and dress in interview/business attire.  Sight-reading counts for 20% of the total score.  The sight-reading will be 8 measures in length and sung unaccompanied.  Students may sing using solfege, numbers, or neutral syllables.

This year’s audition will be held at Longwood College on Saturday, October 13th, 2018

The VMEA Honors Choir will rehearse in Covington, Virginia November 15th-17th, ending with their concert on Saturday afternoon, November 19th at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.

Student Rehearsal – Regular school clothes. PLEASE NO HATS!  DRESS:  Appropriate clothing is necessary while guests are at The Homestead.

CONCERT Please do not wear cologne, perfume, body sprays, or perfumed lotions.

ATTIRE: Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Please maintain a uniform look, this is not the time to make personal fashion statements. No corsages. Please, no sweaters, jackets, etc. for the performance.

Ladies: Black Dress Skirt, (Knee-length or longer) Long Sleeve, Pressed Dress Style White Blouse (Cream is not White), Black or nude Pantyhose, Dressy black shoes. NO sandals or flip-flops. Please keep heel height to 2” or less.

Gentlemen: Dress Style Black Pants, Long Sleeve, Pressed Dress Style Solid White Shirt, Dark color tie, and Dressy black shoes and black socks. Please bring a black folder for the concert.