Welcome to Spartan Choir 2018-2019


Last week students were asked to sign into google classroom to complete a choir survey, a Germany survey, print out their emergency care card, and the signature page of the choir handbook. Additionally, the visible learning for all choirs is posted in Google. If you would like to access the choir calendar or add our calendar to our smartphone or iCal app or view any other forms check out www.spartanchoir.com/calendar and www.spartanchoir.com/forms for more details.


Some of you may have already had the discussion with your student about the fact that we will travel to Germany next summer as part of an exchange program with the DBG Choir of Eppelheim Germany. In order to make this exchange work we need host families to host a German student from October 13 to October 27th. Students who host will receive first priority on traveling to Germany. Below is the list of students that said they would like to host, and the number of students that they can host. We are currently 1 house shy of housing all 32 students. If you cannot host please contact me immediately. If you CAN host and would like to host please also contact me immediately. Some people have 2 or even 4 students. If we have too many hosts this is not a bad thing!

Germany Meeting – 9/11 7:00 PM – Choir Room

If you are hosting and/or would like to go to Germany with us in June – please attend the General Booster Meeting Next Tuesday September 11th at 7:00 PM in the Choir room. Use Door 4 around the back to access the room.

Parent Volunteers

If you are interested in helping out with choir related functions this year please go here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HV9F2ZX

If you would like to donate to the CPA (boosters) organization then please follow this link HERE

On The Horizon 5.14



Monday 5/14: 3:00-5:30 Act 1 (including Seasons of Love for Act 1 folks)

Tuesday 5/15: 3:00 – 5:30 Act 2

Wednesday 5/16: 3:00 – 5:30 Act 1 & 2

Thursday 5/17: 3:00-5:30 Act 1 & 2


Friday 5/18: Show 7:00 – 9:00 Call for students is 6:00 PM. In costume/makeup by 6:30

Saturday 5/19: Show 7:00 – 9:00 Call for students is 6:00 PM. In costume/makeup by 6:30


We need volunteers to help make All That Jazz a success! A sign up will be available this weekend. Please consider volunteering for the following on Friday and Saturday 5/18-5/19:

To Volunteer go HERE

  • Donate food/drinks/soda coolers and ice for Friday and Saturday
  • Sell tickets (2 parents Friday and Saturday)
  • Set up concession stand
  • Sell concessions during intermission and after the show
  • Sell Spartan Choir hoodies/mugs/tees during and after show
  • Help break down concessions


 June 5th – Rehearsal ALL STUDENTS 3:00 – 5:00 PM

June 6th – Concert 7:00 – 9:00 PM Call is 6:00 PM

 Parents of seniors/seniors – please submit a baby photo and a senior portrait to Jena Richardson jenar0730@gmail.com by May 25th. Please do not send them late or you may not be added to the slide show during the final song.

 HELP! – We are seeking a parent volunteer to help sell senior pages in our spring program to help raise $$ for the CPA. Please contact me at dtbrandt@fcps.edu if you can the point of contact for this opportunity.

 HELP! – We will also need 3-4 parent volunteers to help pass boutonnieres before the concert at 6:30. Please contact Gail Browne at gwbrowne@verizon.net

Seniors – you can wear “Sunday’s best” or business casual attire. We want to recognize you at this last concert. HOWEVER – DO NOT WEAR SHOES WITH HEELS (more than 1 inch) OR SHORT SKIRTS/DRESSES!! THIS IS STILL A CHOIR CONCERT AND NOT A NIGHT OUT AT THE CLUB. REMEMBER – THE AUDIENCE SITS BELOW YOU.


Tuesday, June 12 in Cafeteria 6:30 PM

We are currently seeking a lead parent volunteer to help coordinate this dinner. This parent would be responsible for leading a team of parent volunteers to help set up the cafeteria and coordinate decorations and catering. We need your help to make this event a success! Contact Mr. Brandt if you can take the lead on this. dtbrandt@fcps.edu

  • FYI This is the same night as the sports banquet. (sorry they scheduled it in January)
  • Dinner starts at 6:30 PM.
  • Senior performances and awards from 7:30-9:00/9:30 ish.


Breakfast with Santa – CANCELLED


On The Horizon 12.4.2017

National Christmas Tree Ornaments are still for sale. Please contact me to reserve your ornaments now!

Spring Trip Deposit – $150 due

Breakfast with Santa tickets available at www.spartanchoir.com/tickets

Please like and follow our new page on Facebook @ Spartan Choir

Breakfast with Santa ACTION ITEMS:

ALL STUDENTS – by This Thursday

  • Bring in 1-2 rolls of wrapping paper
  • Last name beginning with A-L: 1-2 boxes of doughnut holes (AKA ‘pop-ums’)
  • Last name beginning with M-W: 1-2 packs of Juicy Juice or similar small juice box (8 pack)

Friday after School

  • All students meet in the cafeteria to help with setup from 3-5

Saturday – Breakfast With Santa – 8:00 AM -1:30 PM

  • Students in costume arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 – do all makeup and hair in advance.
  • Students not in costume arrive by 8:30 AM to help finish setup in the cafeteria
  • Students not in costume should report directly to the cafeteria. Students in costume need to come to the cafeteria when they are ready by 8:45.
  • 8:50 – Warm – up in cafeteria.
  • Major characters are in hallways by 9:00 to interact with kids
    • All other students are at their stations or helping Mr. Brandt/Mr. Browne
  • 10:00 AM doors open. Choir Performances are from 10:15 – 11:00 in this order:
    • SparTones
    • Bella Voce
    • Madrigals
    • Bel Canto
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Students who signed up to perform a carol will perform. Program will be distributed to students in advance. Keep track and listen for your name to be called.
  • Begin teardown at 12:00-12:30 – Characters change out of costume. Characters take costumes to drycleaner. Return after the break.
  • All hands on deck to help Mr. Browne and Mr. Brandt put everything back into storage and choir room between 12:30-and 1:30 PM.
  • General guideline of Breakfast with Santa – there is always something that needs to be done. I know it’s a long day – you will get a break after you perform and you will get all the snacks you can eat after we are done. Look for something to do or someone to interact with (public/kids – not friends) – please do not stand around chatting with your friends ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN A COSTUME! It be great if the characters from the same movie or story hang together.
  • If you are unsure of what you should be doing ask me or Mr. Browne.
  • Do not leave anything in the choir room when you leave – please pick up after yourself and each other.


We still need parent volunteers and donations. Please volunteer here.

Mix 107.3 Choir competition – $5,000 Prize

We have entered the Mix 107.3 Choir competition. Please vote for our song “DECK THE HALLS” by following this link. (I recorded two choirs but they would only let me submit one. Upon further investigation I learned I uploaded the wrong edit of our song – which I am thoroughly embarrassed about but anyway…)

Voting will take place at www.mix1073.com/choir share this link with everyone you know and vote – VOTE – VOTE!

Everyone voting can vote once per day.

The choir with the most votes will be announced this Friday, December 8th during the Jack Diamond Morning Show (between 6am-10am).  The winning choir must perform 3 songs at the High School Holiday Choir event at The Shops at Wisconsin Place in Chevy Chase, Maryland on December 16th from 2-4pm.  The weather date is Sunday, December 17th from 2-4pm at the same location.

At the event on December 16th, the winning choir will be awarded $5,000


Next Monday 3-5:30 PM Rehearsal at Messiah United Methodist Church – students should be picked up from the church when they are done. We will rehearse in Concert Order.

  • 3:15-3:45 Bella Voce
  • 3:50-4:20 SparTones
  • 4:25-5:10 Bel Canto
  • 5:15-5:30 Madrigals

Next Tuesday – 7:00 PM Winter Concert

  • Students arrive by 6:15 for warm-up
  • Concert starts at 7:00 PM

On The Horizon 10/10

 Uniforms Have Been Sent Home

  • All – uniforms must be hemmed.
  • Dresses need to be hemmed at floor length with black flats on.
  • Students must provide black flats or black dress shoes/black dress socks
  • Anyone who did not receive a uniform can pick one up tomorrow between 12:30 and 1:00 PM

Pie Fundraiser has begun

  • Our goal is to have every student sell 10 pies or bring in an equal amount volume in donations – $50
  • This will help offset the cost of the spring trip.
  • The student who sells the most pies will travel for free

Leaf raking fundraiser signup

  • Individual fundraising – make $10 an hour
  • Parents are needed to help drive
  • provide your own rake and gloves
  • Sign up HERE

10.23 Rehearsal 3:30-5:30

  • Messiah UMC – 6215 Rolling Rd
  • All students need to be present. We will meet in the choir room and walk over together. Parents can pick up at Messiah UMC

10.24 Concert 7:00-8:00

  • Messiah UMC – 6215 Rolling Rd
  • All students need to arrive by 6:00 PM – Meet in the fellowship hall
  • Students must arrive in concert attire. There is no place to change.
  • CPA Meeting will take place in sanctuary at 6:30 PM
  • Concert starts at 7:00
  • We are looking for parents to donate baked goods to enjoy after the concert. Please contact Michael Todd at vicepresident@spartanchoir.com

Donate to the CPA

  • Please consider donating to the CPA! Use this link here

Spring Trip payment $200 due 10.27


Welcome to Spartan Choir 2017-2018

Hello and welcome back to another fabulous year with the West Springfield High School Spartan Choir!

We have a few things coming up “On the Horizon.”

This week – The following tasks are due from ALL STUDENTS:

Part 1: Complete the following survey https://goo.gl/forms/BzMlwNpI7oOjEjxx1 you must log in to this survey using your fcps google email which is your student ID number followed by @fcpsschools.net

Part 2: Log in to the Charms database and print out the Emergency Care form, fill it out, and turn it in.

  1. To log in to Charms go to charmsoffice.com
  2. Click on Login – Parents/Students/Members
  3. Enter the school code: spartan choir
  4. Enter your student area password: your student ID (new students and previous students) OR the password that you’ve changed your login to. (some previous students)
  5. If you cannot login to charms email me at dtbrandt@fcps.edu and I will reset your password to your student ID
  6. If you already have copies of the FCPS emergency care form please double check that you can log in to charms.

Part 3: Log in to Spartan Choir on blackboard. and download the Choral Arts Handbook located in the Syllabus tab. To find the Spartan Choir Organization, please login to blackboard and click on community. Find the syllabus tab and download the choral arts handbook. Read it and print and sign the last page and turn it in with the Emergency Care Form by Next Friday September 8th.

Part 4: You will receive regular emails through charms. Please make sure that your webmail client allows emails from CharmsEmailSender@charmsmusic.com

September 23rdSPARTANFEST – we need parent volunteers and student volunteers to help run this activity. The more the merrier. Please sign up HERE.

September 29th – all Spring trip contracts, uniform fees, and choir fees are due.

October 3rdChipotle Fundraiser – Come out and support Spatan Choir. Make sure to show the flyer. We will make sure that we have plenty of flyers printed out and available on social media for you to show when you pay.

Parents! We need your help. Please – if you can volunteer your time to help support our program – please visit the For Parents page where you can access links to sign up to help with concert support, uniform sizing, or even donate to help support the CPA. The CPA exists solely on donations from parents with an annual operating budget of about $3,000. They pay for insurance, classroom supplies, spring trip supplies, buses, decorations, spring banquet, etc. Your donations can ensure that every student can participate for a reduced cost on almost all activities.