The audition process for 2018-2019 has begun. Auditions will take place for current students during class periods the week of April 22nd. Auditions for students who are not currently enrolled in choir will take place after school during the same week. Auditions are only required for students who wish to take Madrigals (Advanced Mixed Choir) or Bel Canto (Intermediate Treble Choir). Students who would like to be in SparTones (Beginning Basso) or Cantus (Beginning Treble) do not need to audition.

Students are welcome to audition for more than one choir as long as they are registered for more than one choir credit. They will be placed in the choir that is the best fit for their voice/ability. These auditions are blind. There will be a guide to bring you to the room and to hand over your audition materials. You will be asked to sing the required song and then sight read a melody. Audition songs do not have to be memorized. If you cannot finish the song it’s okay. If you cannot finish the sight reading it’s okay. This audition is designed to be challenging.


  1. Print out the CHORUS AUDITION RUBRIC before your audition- Please fill in your student ID and voice part.
  2. Print out the Sheet Music:

4. Practice with the mp3 accompaniment:

Good Luck!

Mr. Brandt